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New Images (Finally, I swear I don’t procrastinate)

    It’s finally come! Or at least, part of it has come. The following header image is just the start of my progress in adding some very custom images to the identity of the site. This isn’t the final … Continue reading

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Progress, the lack of it, and what to do in the meantime.

1/28/2018 January took forever and absolutely no time at all. It was honestly, a very rough month for me. Emotionally and creatively. I’ve made marginal progress on the editing of my continuously talked about but even more continuously not described novel. … Continue reading

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My Favorite Bard!

Hana Coaster, the bard character my friend and fellow creator Sim1 plays in our D&D campaign is probably one of my favorite bards of all time. She’s sassy, smart and ready to plunge into battle with a blade! Sims, I’ve known … Continue reading

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