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InkSpot Ep.3

This went up Friday but yo life is rough so here’s the link for anyone interested! I sort of reiterate my plans for July in here! CC on Ep.2 are officially up if anyone was waiting on that! Advertisements

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InkSpot Ep.2 Caulfield Complex

  See – look, I can hold myself to standards I can post things! Not on an exact schedule – I’m still working that out but it’s getting there! (Full captions not on this one yet, I’m in process of … Continue reading

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InkSpot Episode 1

  Hey guys, so I finally forced myself to do this. Doing little, not podcasts, but also not quite vlogs. Just to help keep me on track and to give everyone updates and my thoughts without it being horribly boring … Continue reading

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Why The Kids Don’t Read Anymore (Or At least not the way you want them to.)

((Yeah it’s been two months since activity from me, it’s been something else in my life. From lack of inspiration to flat out voids of emotion. I’m still around, still working, just not day and night. So here’s just some … Continue reading

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New Images (Finally, I swear I don’t procrastinate)

    It’s finally come! Or at least, part of it has come. The following header image is just the start of my progress in adding some very custom images to the identity of the site. This isn’t the final … Continue reading

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