Radio Silent

Earth has had it’s run taken out by the very asteroids they’d taken to harvesting for resources. Now the dreams of space colonization are humanities only hope for survival, as they flee the ruins of their home world. Will humanity bond together – or will they fall apart?

  • November: Framed
    The Jiaolong II was a science vessel, she flew to and from Mars to supply the research bases there. Now it’s been reduced to a simple emergency spacecraft. Trips to and from had been made for days but now the vessel is boarding it’s final occupants. Mere hours before the fiery skies consume Earth as a ball of rock and fire collides into the planet. One girl stands in line and waits, hoping she and her family make it on board.
  • November: Two by Two
    Dipa and Deo two zoologist assigned to the GSLV-Kota watched as Asteroid Aditi destroyed Earth. Now, unable to contact their headship, they are left alone headed to the Indian science base on Europa. Their cargo of what remains of India’s flora and fauna their only human company is each other. Weeks go back as they journey forward, but when they finally make contact with other humans – it’s not what they expect.
  • November: Old News Part One | Part Two