Such a feeling as that tension before the storm breaks over you can bring with it power. Crisp sharp air swirling in the air, heavy with the heat that’s about to be swept away. Echoing thunder in the distance drawing closer and closer to the heart of the storm and with it the sweeping blanket of rain that will fall down upon the land. Then the lightning will flash, just overhead, stretching across the sky to the dipping points of the horizon where the hills eat the sky.

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InkSpot Episode 1

Hey guys, so I finally forced myself to do this. Doing little, not podcasts, but also not quite vlogs. Just to help keep me on track and to give everyone updates and my thoughts without it being horribly boring quick journals here on the site.

I might use it for something more interesting in the future, but hey my motivation is in its infancy so let’s see where it goes in the future.

I’m working on making InkSpot its own little banner, but there’s a lot going on right now so it is not my highest priority right now.

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Have you ever been drowning before?


Deep beneath the water, shafts of light above teasing you like laughing ghosts as you attempt to claw your way free. Hands grasping through the water to part the heavy weight of the sea around you. Desperate for a breath of air, for the burn of water in your eyes to be cleared by the touch of a cold breeze across your cheek. All while the reaching ocean’s arms try to hold you under. Pulling you ever deeper into the freezing depths that with every second feel your lungs seize. Wisping currents holding you in an embrace, the rushing water whispering for you to stay.

Have you ever allowed yourself to down?

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If I stay by the window,
will you leave me alone?
You should leave me here.
Instead of taking me with you to the pier.

Because I don’t like how the water makes me think,
of how the sand makes me sink.
And how the kites won’t take their eyes off me.
When there are sailboats caught on the reef

No, I think I’ll dine alone.
You’ll be better off on your own.
You can hang out with sea clams,
I’ll just stay here with the lambs.

Would you give it up if I turn the key,
if I turned my back on the sea.
You should swim with the fish,
you’re better off without an empty dish.

Because I don’t like how the sharks make me blind,
and how the seaweed acts sickly kind.
Or how people run like the seahorse,
when the day has run its course.

No, I think I’ll stay dry.
You’re better off on the fly.
You can hang out with the rays,
I’ll keep waiting for better days

Will you give me a chance if I remain?
Sit with me if I stay tame,
hang around on the dock,
before hands turn the clock.

Because I can’t handle the seaweed woods.
Even though I wish I could.
I know Anemones aren’t my enemy.
They love more than they seem.

But no, I think I’ll keep to myself.
You should stay off the shelf.
Go on and take the dive,
on the bars I’ll survive.

If I don’t go with you when I should,
will you still love my lack of knighthood?
Even though I don’t have a lionfish heart.
Will you swim with me like at the start?

Because I don’t want to be solo,
but I’m afraid of the schools’ flow.
I’ll try to keep up with the current.
I trust you won’t let me get burnt

Maybe no, but I’ll try,
another time.
To swim alongside.
And not to hide.

P. Anthony

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Life and Work Update

I’m back. Kind of.
Working on getting settled is tough right now. New apartment, new job, hell new part of the damn country.

I’ve got a lot going on right now.

But I haven’t stopped working on my book which as of right now is in Chapter 13 of my final reworking of the story. Although I admit my loose definition of final…
As for my promise of this years working series, I’m unsure right now. I have eggs in the pot that came from the same hen as the November series, but then there’s some of another feather that is completely different.
I’m torn between two different story ideas both in the realm of November and one story that’s far more personal and is more current day in setting and style. I will eventually have to decide on one or the other but in the meantime, I continue my progress on my book and hope to finish it by years end. If my nervous rewriting of the story doesn’t get too out of hand…
I’m hoping to get the new series for 2k18 up by the end of May at the soonest. Hopefully, by then I’ll have finally settled into my new life roles and gotten and hang of what direction my life is going in.
If not, well. That’s a better explanation of my current state than any blog post is going to be.

Good writing and take care everyone.

-P. Anthony
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