New About Page Up!

Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since I posted anything but I’m just going to announce that my About page is officially 100% complete.

Now that isn’t saying that it’s never going to change from here on out. But I’m finally happy with how it reads and looks. And along with it should be coming the next installment in the November series. If you guys haven’t checked out the first story “Framed” check it out here on the site.

The next story should be coming out soon (maybe very soon?) and takes place just a few moments after the end of Framed but in a far different location. Look out for “Two by Two” coming up on Writes By Anthony soon!

Keep writing everyone and stay cool.

Percy Anthony

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Happy Valentine’s!


So, it’s been awhile. I’ll admit it, but I’ve been oddly focused on a vast number of other little things. Good news, though, is that I think I’ve got enough things squared away and finished that I can renew my focus here at writebyanthony.

So to commemorate the occasion I thought I’d wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s!

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New Gallery


So I finally have my gallery page up an functioning, so far all I have to present is my line art of a few characters from my DND group. My group has such a variety of characters that I always find myself with endless inspiration to draw from. I started with Magnis, the Elf-Orc Barbarian and then moved on to Coruis our Dwarven Cleric and currently it’s ended with Clank the Kenku Rogue.

Drawing is my second biggest hobby, and you’ll be sure to see more of my Dungeons and Dragons are as time goes on. Along with other things, I promise to not only ever prove how big a DND nerd I am. Enjoy, though!

The Gallery

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Music is amazing!


It really is, one song can mean the difference between a writer’s block and boundless inspiration. I know I’ve spent my fair share of time just compiling playlists that make me feel ready to write. And it’s all thanks to the songwriters, which is why today I’d like to put a personal shout out to my favorite up-and-coming indie songwriter. Sims here has been my friend for a very long time and it’s amazing to see their brand new single ‘You‘ for the “Bisexual Polarbear EP” out and ready to be listened to. It’s a very beautiful song, Sweden sure knows how to raise artists!

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The December Slump


The Nanowrimo is over, are writing pens are tired and our minds are aching. A full month of intense writing takes a lot out of a person, even the most hardened writers would be creatively and physically exhausted. So what do we do about that? Nano participants are, sadly, notorious for having a slump that carries on for several months before they look at their novels or any other sort of writing again. Which, is not a good formula for successful and consistent writing. 

The fix to this slump is a bit like the cure for a hangover. The antidote is the poison itself; writing put you in the slump and writing will get you back out of it. Of course, a few days off is still probably a good idea. Burning yourself out on writing isn’t any better than not writing at all. Still the sooner you get back to it the better, in moderation that is. You don’t want to write so much that you’re back in that post-Wrimo slump but you want to write just enough to inspire you to keep going and finish your novel or to start the long process of editing it!

In short, writing prompts are your friend. Pick one a day and write like a paragraph or take it a little easier and pick one each week to focus on. Preferably pick prompts that expand past what your novels genre and plot typically cover, writing something new and outside of your usual topics will help slap that slump out of your mind. 

Another good idea is to do some reading of your own. Think about it, when was the last time you picked up a good book and did some reading of your own? Probably been awhile since the Nano, so pick a book a little unlike your own novel and take a break. Read something fresh and new, or pick up an old favorite. Just sit down and read someone else’s prose. 

Just don’t  let your writers recovery spread to long, the longer your wait to get back into it the harder it will be when you finally do. Make a date on the calendar to signify your official start up date to get back going with your work. Just remember that you don’t need to write as furiously as you did during the Wrimo, there’s no need to focus on a work count now so just get to it and write!

Keep writing everyone and I hope to see you all continuing your writing adventures – would love to hear some of your own stories about your Nano seasons or your writing journies in general. Please send me anything through the contact page, it’d be great to get a look at what my fellow writers have been doing.

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