Here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions.
Please check here when contacting me with a question, it may already be answered.

Q: Will you beta read?
A: Yes and no. I will not beta read certain content depending on what it is. I will not beta read smut/erotica, schoolwork, or fanfiction/fanworks of any kind. If your content doesn’t fall in those categories feel free to contact me.

Q: How much will you edit/beta for free?
A: In general, nothing over five pages! I have to work this around my work schedule and anything over five pages is gonna be a big chunk to try and work through. If you have long sections of writing you’d like me to look at please contact me and we can work something out – even if it does end in an editing fee.

Q: Do you even have any writing credentials? Why should I trust your advice/editing?
A: One. You don’t need to have a Masters in Literature or Creative Writing to write. Two, if you insist – I have two years in College English (101 & 102). Besides that, I’ve taking writing/literature classes before but I don’t think you need to have gone to college just to be a writer or a good editor.

Q: Will you write/draw me etc. etc.
A: I don’t do requests at this time. I’m currently working out how I want to do that sort of thing but in the future I may open up commissions for writing and art. Maybe I’ll do a giveaway in the future.

Q: Can I use your art for [anything]?
A: No. I’d really rather you didn’t. And by rather. I mean don’t.