Hello, and welcome to “Writes By Anthony”, and I’m the writer, P.J. Anthony – or just Percy to be informal. I’m a casual writer and a professional in the making, yet one day I’ll be able to switch from casual to a true pro. Right now, though, I suppose I’ll make due with being a part-time writer.


My natural over-dramatic habitat.

Full-time, on the other hand, I make my money with my other job: hairdressing. Yes. I am a beautician. But I would say that being a hairdresser and being a writer aren’t too different. Both require that you are able to weave a good story.

As any good beauty or writing professional could tell you: you could have the best technical skills in the world but it won’t mean a thing if you can’t connect with people.

Connection – being the key and my goal.

Whether it’s when I’m cutting hair or writing if I can develop a deep connection with the people I work with I will consider myself a success. Honestly, though, I would hope that one day I can become a full-time writer and spend my days writing stories and tales for the world to read and enjoy – and even now with my part-time writing it is my goal to provide the readers of this site not just quality articles but a connection as well.

Beyond my work I take a lot of joy in spending time with my friends. Watching movies, listening to music or just anything as long as I can spend time with them. Along with them, I’m kept company by my long-time companion of 7 years…


Tangerine in the library.



My cat.

Yeah, I have someone close to me but for now that is going to be between me and them. But meet my big orange cat Tangerine. Thanks for reading everyone, and stay tuned for my work!

Percy J. Anthony