Hello, and welcome to “Writes By Anthony”, and I’m the writer, Percivale Anthony – or just Percy to be informal. I’m a writer in the making, hoping that someday soon I’ll be a true professional. Right now, though, I’m just trying to make it and share my stories with anyone who cares.

Life is difficult for many people and one of the best ways for people to escape the day-to-day struggle of life is through stories. An escape I am happy to provide, as being a writer is more to me than flaunting my work and hoping to get paid. If I can make one person forget their worries for just an hour, half an hour, or even fifteen minutes – I’ll consider myself a success!

That’s my goal here, to provide that escape into a world of imagination, and if people decide to stay after the door closes, well, I’m happy to have anyone along for the ride.


Beyond my work I take a lot of joy in spending time with my friends. I’m a novice guitar player a fan of vinyl records and Polaroid cameras. Something about the physical rush of dropping the needle on a record or the sound of a photo printing before my eyes are magical. Other than that I’m a movie buff, though admittedly my tastes are rather poor considering I gravitate to the dollar movie bins…

Along with my friends, I have the pleasant company of my long-time companion of 7 years…

My cat.

Yeah, I have someone close to me but for now that is going to be between me and them. But meet my big orange cat Tangerine. Thanks for reading everyone, and stay tuned for my work!

Percivale Anthony