The Final Stretch

For the past two years, in between work, life, bills, and my other projects I have been working on my Mona Lisa, my David, my Starry Night – my book!

And as of a few weeks ago, I finished it. My book is currently one whole product, a story start to end. With twists and tides that wax and wane with the moon – and for the past few weeks I’ve honestly been in shock. Shock that all that effort, the nights spent going deep into the early morning trying to squeeze out one more chapter, one more scene, one more paragraph. The days spent lamenting my inability to write anything at all, and then suddenly it all came to a close with that final sentence.

It is finished!

It’s not perfect and since I’m currently in Nebraska I had a refreshing breath of inspiration, and I have been able to compile my notes for consistency and all that. So soon I see myself starting the final draft, the publishing draft.

Standing on the edge of the precipice preparing to publish is going to be a long and difficult road, but I am so ready to see this fruit tree blossom.

My science fiction masterpiece is underway! How about everyone else? Anyone else got a long-term writing project coming to the end of the road, or just anything anyone is proud of at the moment?

For updates on my other series, I made a post on my Facebook explaining what can be expected in these winter months. Long story short: I’ve been focused on my book and so the last to November stories might take a hot second to release!

Anyway, good writing everyone!
-P. Anthony


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