New Beginnings!

My first day at my new job was absolutely fantastic. I’m so excited to have my free time back so I can focus my energy back into my writing, which speaking of after today I got a fair amount done on the newest November short story.

Sadly, while I am confident that I will finish the story before the end of the month I’m not sure I will get it edited and ready for publishing before October. Hopefully, though, it should be at least posted in the early days of October.

Feel free to call me out if that doesn’t turn out to be true! I’m hoping if I keep saying it I’ll feel too guilty about not doing it, to not have it finished. Sometimes you just need to give yourself a level of accountability, and with my new job and the new time I will have for working on my passions and being with my friends.

I hope everyone out there who’s currently in a job where they can’t pursue their interests or can’t see their friends and loved ones.

Best piece of advice I have for you; the biggest mistake you can make when you have a job – is to not keep looking for a better one.

So keep looking, keep hoping and even if it isn’t your dream job you can still find something better that will make you happier. A job that will allow you to pursue your interests and be with your friends.

Keep strong everyone!



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