Happy Valentine’s!


So, it’s been awhile. I’ll admit it, but I’ve been oddly focused on a vast number of other little things. Good news, though, is that I think I’ve got enough things squared away and finished that I can renew my focus here at writebyanthony.

So to commemorate the occasion I thought I’d wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s!

I’ll certainly be spending it with my one true love: Google Docs. Yep. As you all know my gallery went up a few weeks ago and it currently only contains art from my DND Campaign; that will in fact change soon. Soon-ish at least. Art takes awhile! I’ve been wanting to draw out my main characters from my novel for awhile and now that I actually have this rare thing called free time I think I’ll get on that.

Beyond that, I do plan on continuing my short stories (something I admit I really dropped the ball on) in the following months along with possibly a new series? Me and my campaign group have been talking a lot about re-recording out sessions into an actual story and we might actually do that now. The thing is renaming everything and avoiding all those delicate copyright problems… So that’s something that may be coming soon. Soon-ish.
Soon-ish seems to be the word of the day!

Projects and plans aside, though, I’m reaching the ends of my second draft and soon enough I’ll be proud to say I have a complete novel. Exciting stuff and I can wait to finish and then: Start work on the third draft. I honestly love editing, and I want to produce as perfect a novel as I can before I even think about publication. Still, in the meantime short stories and art will get me by.

Speaking of… I better get on that!

Thanks for coming by!



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