Goodbye November


So first off, let me admit that I have been writing November 31st all day today. Maybe it was the dream all Nano’s have to have just one more day to finish their novels; which speaking – congratulations all Nano participants who completed their novels this year. Such a triumph is something to be very proud of, and I hope that all the Nano’s will carry their novels on through to the new year for editing season!

As for myself, I did not participate in the Nanowrimo this year, and instead issued myself my own challenge. A daily word count challenge that started at 100 words and increasing by 100 words every day. And whoo boy, that was rough. Right near the end it got pretty difficult and now my space bar squeaks from all the abuse I put it through during the month.

Still, very good month and very good stuff came out of the work I put in this month and I’m very proud. Especially considering my second draft is now nearly complete. Here’s hoping I can pull on through to the end of the year and finish it! I’ve actually started having dreams about publishing because of the excitement.

My total word count now having completed my word challenge is just over 82,000 words. Crazy stuff!  Soon I’ll be writing ‘the end’!

Hope everyone had a great November and that they made great triumphs with their novels! Good writing everyone!



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