Stormy Weather



Yesterday I was lucky enough to catch a few beautiful photographs of the sky before the storm that had been building overhead broke.

I am a total sucker for stormy weather, it’s my absolute favorite thing. If I could live in a place that rained all the time, I’d be a happy soul. Oh well, desert life suits me – it makes those rainy, stormy days all the more special.

Life has been rather wonderful lately. Writing every day with the advice of Jerry Seinfeld at my side has been rather productive. Yes, Jerry Seinfeld – his little philosophy on “Don’t Break the Chain” is something every writer should follow.

For all of us who participate in the NaNoWriMo, we already have subscribed to the write daily dialogue, but how about continuing that idea after the month of November has already passed? I spent too damn long saying, “Oh I’ll write that tomorrow, oh I’ll research that tomorrow, blah blah blah”. That ended in a lot of wasted time.

So I no longer “break the chain”, I’ve been writing daily going on 55 days in a chain so far – and boy howdy have I gotten work done! It’s been incredibly satisfying to see my page count double over the last 55 days.

My suggestion for any writer, NaNo-subscriber or not, is to either print out the calendar or make your own. It’s important to work daily, and if you plan on doing the Nano it’s important to get into that habit before the month of November begins.

I’ll definitely admit I was distracted yesterday, though, the rain was calming by all means but it did relax a little too much. Still, even writing the tiniest amount makes all the difference in the end.

For all of you who also enjoy the rain, here’s a couple of my favorite ambience generators – set to the tune of beautiful rainstorms.

The Perfect Rainstorm
Rain on a Tent
Storm Approaching at Night
Distant Thunder


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