November: Fly Me To ???

“Civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness.” -Werner Herzog


The fourth story in the November series.

A champagne cork popped, cheering laughter following as the one holding the bottle attempted to stop the frothing liquid from staining his clothing. Various members of the crew threw towels at the floor, while Dayo took the first long gulp from the bottle. Another member of the crew grasped for the slick glass, deciding it was, in fact, their turn for a drink of the sweet sparkling wine.

One by one each of the crew had their turn. Some to busy laughing with joy to drink with grace, slobber, and alcohol dribbling down their chin as they pulled the glass mouth away. Finally, it made a full-circle around the gathering and the near-empty bottle found itself in the hands of the final crew member. A young of spirit man, though well into his life if the soft creases around his eyes were to give anything away. Charlie tilted his head back to drink, short brown coils bouncing around his face when another hand rocketed out and flipped the bottle completely upright.

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The Final Stretch

For the past two years, in between work, life, bills, and my other projects I have been working on my Mona Lisa, my David, my Starry Night – my book!

And as of a few weeks ago, I finished it. My book is currently one whole product, a story start to end. With twists and tides that wax and wane with the moon – and for the past few weeks I’ve honestly been in shock. Shock that all that effort, the nights spent going deep into the early morning trying to squeeze out one more chapter, one more scene, one more paragraph. The days spent lamenting my inability to write anything at all, and then suddenly it all came to a close with that final sentence.

It is finished!

It’s not perfect and since I’m currently in Nebraska I had a refreshing breath of inspiration, and I have been able to compile my notes for consistency and all that. So soon I see myself starting the final draft, the publishing draft.

Standing on the edge of the precipice preparing to publish is going to be a long and difficult road, but I am so ready to see this fruit tree blossom.

My science fiction masterpiece is underway! How about everyone else? Anyone else got a long-term writing project coming to the end of the road, or just anything anyone is proud of at the moment?

For updates on my other series, I made a post on my Facebook explaining what can be expected in these winter months. Long story short: I’ve been focused on my book and so the last to November stories might take a hot second to release!

Anyway, good writing everyone!
-P. Anthony

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My Favorite Bard!

Hana Coaster, the bard character my friend and fellow creator Sim1 plays in our D&D campaign is probably one of my favorite bards of all time. She’s sassy, smart and ready to plunge into battle with a blade!

Sims, I’ve known you since Freshman year high school, I’m so happy that we’ve maintained this friendship for so long and I can’t wait for several more years of our friendship to come!

For now, here’s your bard! She was a learning curve and well, I think I came out of it as a more experienced artist – and what I learned with her I’ll take to the next drawing! So thanks, for your friendship and the opportunities our D&D campaign gives me.



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November: Old News Pt.2


“Art, freedom, and creativity will change society faster than politics.” -Victor Pinchuk


The second part of the third story in the November series.
Part two is here! This was the longest of all my stories so it just read easier in two parts, thanks for the wait and please enjoy!

“You’re a sick son of a bitch you know that right.”

“Yes, you’ve told me about a hundred times the past days or so. What is it this time Igon.”

“Doctor Iturburua to you. Sir. I can’t go outside, I can’t work, I can’t sleep. Since you sicked the entire population on me.”

“You’re the one in charge of the rationing system. It’s only fair that they have free reign and council over the process to its finalization.”

“Fair, oh, of course, I was sure that your intention was to push the people’s anger onto me so you can slip by without criticism.”

Eligio dropped the tablet of information he’d been reviewing onto the desk before him.

“What do you want Igon.”

“I released the rationing list.”

“Okay, great, we can board tomorrow and get out of here before we’re smashed to a thousand bits.”

“The people aren’t happy.”

“They’re never happy.”

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November: Old News Pt.1

“Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.” -Elon Musk


The first part of the third story in the November series.
Special thanks to my favorite person and occasional editor for being such a sweetheart and helping out getting this up on time!

“The tomato plants are looking good… mint leaves are as green as ever… it’s a shame we have to tear this all out.”

With a heavy sigh, Eligio tapped away the smoldering ash off the end of his cigarette. Casually disregarding the bright red ‘NO SMOKING’ sign he was stood beneath. Gazing out across Genoa’s first and only agricultural center, and now his most recent disappointing attempt at greatness.

The thought emphasized as a mechanical engineer ripped a panel off one of the few remaining food pods. Dirt spilled across the already filthy floor, muddy prints tracked across the once glistening steel. Disappointment flooded his system. One hand took another drag of his half-gone cigarette, the other ran and hand through his unkempt hair. Left down instead of slicked back and shining, like the engagement ring he wore but never used because he thought he could do better.

Ten years later; he didn’t do any better and the ring remained another tabloid topic that the media never got over.

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