The Heart of Creation

The Heart of Creation: Patron of the Void
by P.J. Anthony
The Origins of Eldra and the Worlds Of

The Heart.png

Before song, before legend, before history, before our world – there was only one. One ethereal spirit amongst a sea of cold, oppressing darkness. The spirit was bright and magnificent, shimmering stars and sparkling ether rolling off of them in bounds. Larger than reality itself, even a fraction of the spirit eclipses a thousand stars and suns…

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New Fantasy Series???

I’m obviously crazy, because on top of writing my Sci-Fi novel the Radio-Verse series and everything else that I do; in conjunction with my dear friends I have decided to start up a fantasy series.

Well, I as in we, everything that is written comes from all of us and on occasion I hope to share even my friends work and additions to the world that we’re creating.

On my original works page you can see a the new series already has a name; Lights in the Valley.

Before our heroes adventure kicks off I plan to release several world lore snippets before hand – one so that you aren’t going in blind and two, when you got four authors working on a single project we need to have some ground rules!

Several of the pieces will be penned by myself for sure, but I hope and plan to have the influence of my friends alongside it. So all pieces will have names/tags on them so you know who contributed what.

For now, though, thank you to my dear friends who reinspired my love for fantasy!

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Woman of the Council

In me and my friends personal D&D game we just finished a main story arc in the starter city. In the final crux of the story we meet three woman of the Tourmaline city Council. Lady Olivia and Lady Zi’la – and the ever mysterious Lady Ava.

I originally started this piece just to draw Olivia and Zi’la – but then I got bored. Maybe my boredom will extend to the full story behind Olivia and Zi’la and the player characters who met them. For now, though, here’s a few of the woman of the council. We’ll see what comes later. If you check out the gallery, all the art there is also from the same D&D campaign.

Oliva & Zila

Lady Olivia and Lady Zi’la of the Tourmaline City Council

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Two By Two

“I don’t believe in collective guilt, but I do believe in collective responsibility.” – Audrey Hepburn

Special thanks to my friend doing me a huge service in helping edit the following work.

The world was broken. Not metaphorically broken. Not broken in the sense of a philosopher’s observation. It was broken. Pieces of it rained outwards into the void of the universe like a hail storm of life and civilization. Every now and then, amongst the storm, Dipa would spot domestic debris.

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Tall Tales of the Trade

In the modern world, students are pushed and prodded to excel at their academics. To be the best of the best and get into the biggest ivy league school they can get into. Our society has put such a weight onto the backs of students to not just get through high school Suma Cum Laude but to be Harvard and Princeton honors as well that it’s almost insane to think of doing anything but that.

Getting a good job isn’t, well, good enough for the world anymore. They want us to be college graduates with masters degrees and honors certificates out the behind.

Why? Well, I had an experience at work today which I think explains it.

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