InkSpot Ep.3

This went up Friday but yo life is rough so here’s the link for anyone interested! I sort of reiterate my plans for July in here!

CC on Ep.2 are officially up if anyone was waiting on that!

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July, AKA Half my year is gone and I don’t know what happened.

Hello everybody.

Another month already. Wowzers, it is a little insane to think that half the year is gone already. It’s even crazier when I think about how much has happened in the past year. I’ve switched to a new job industry (more retail, but I hate my life a lot less than usual when at my day job) and I moved halfway across the country.

In the same time, I’ve managed to make some significant progress in my own personal projects during that time. Yep.

That has been my life. A combination of short-term successes and long-term stress sources.

Anyway, as for July, I’ve finally decided on a plan for how I want to fill the literary space after the November series and up till I manage to publish Echo. To sort of fill out the timeline and history of my world from the start of November and the start of Echo I’m going to make history-book like shorts that explain the history of the world. So nothing to fancy, but it’s not as complex as short-stories and not as short-lived as the blast stories from June.

I think it’s an okay idea? Honestly, it’s an idea I have time for. A full-bodied short series like November is going to take all my time away from finish my novel and even the shorter “novella” I have planned would just push back me finishing Echo. So I have to focus on something. Hopefully I’ll find a way to keep it interesting, but otherwise, it’s a fun way, in my opinion, to fill in the blanks between now and the “future” setting that Echo takes place in.

It will not be a weekly publishing like the shorts from June, I plan to hopefully do monthly or bi-monthly releases. This is currently planned for the week of the 28th, so be on the lookout for the first History publication that week! Just to note, these will not have an official title like “November” or “Echo” and are simply more like a Q&A of the world!

Hope everyone enjoys it when it comes out, but until then.

The next episode of InkSpot comes out Friday!

Till next time-




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Wake Up


Waking up can sometimes mean a slog. The dread of waking up an hour before the alarm goes off, hands groping for your phone to stop its banshee-like screech. Laying there in the sweat addled sheets for as long as you can before the daylight beckons you up. Forced to look in the bathroom mirror at all your collective flaws and faced with the colossal task of trying to fix it. Hair disarrayed, face reddened and teeth never quite as white as the world would say they should be.

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InkSpot Ep.2 Caulfield Complex


See – look, I can hold myself to standards I can post things! Not on an exact schedule – I’m still working that out but it’s getting there! (Full captions not on this one yet, I’m in process of getting those ready).

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Bitters and Balconies


A storm hangs overhead. We remain on the balcony, light clothes unfitting for the weather that threatens us. Rumbling on the horizon like a rabid dog. Nothing will be spoken between us, the storm and I. The two upon the balcony. One of flesh and bones, and a troubled mind that cracks like the lightning above. The stress of the world, the rainwater, all breaking over us. Yet, while the storm clouds wield wind and hail I only wield the bottle held limp between my fingers.

Head to the sky, eyes blinking in anticipation for the drops that will invade past my lashes. Thinking in my lone state of things that have long since been banished from my mind. Here they are again, though, in time for the rush of wind to push the light fabric of my casual jacket to flutter behind me. Useless against the rushing wall of water I can see approaching my location. There high above the ground, I can feel ever so close to the sky yet a thousand miles from it at the same time.

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