What I think at Midnight

I’m tired of being okay then nothing at all.
Always waiting for the final foot to fall.
Is there a reason I cant comply,
with the will to live and not to die.

Every time I leave this room,
everything always happens too soon.
Always alone among the crowds.
Even silence feels a bit too loud.

Scattered things across the floor,
the reminders I could do more.
Dirty clothes and undone glass.
Any happiness isn’t meant to last.

I wake up and go back to sleep,
but no dreams come when I’m in deep.
Call me when the sun starts to rise,
and maybe I’ll try to be alive.

(I’m fine.)

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New Images (Finally, I swear I don’t procrastinate)



Writes By Anthony


It’s finally come! Or at least, part of it has come. The following header image is just the start of my progress in adding some very custom images to the identity of the site. This isn’t the final image but it does contain the main design element I’ve had planned. I’m hoping to make daily progress in completing the full series of images, but one has got to admit that even just this is some very positive forward movement.

I’m not going to give away what the final design will look like but I’m very proud of this step forward. For now, this WIP image will stand in here on WordPress and on my Facebook page and in the next few weeks, I’ll be updating it as my progress on it continues.

Taking this whole creative venture a little more seriously is a good feeling. Aside from getting all my imagery updated, I’m going to start making a serious move towards establishing myself.

Look out for more content announcements coming next month and an eye out for the new images!

That’s all for today,

’til next time.


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Progress, the lack of it, and what to do in the meantime.


January took forever and absolutely no time at all. It was honestly, a very rough month for me. Emotionally and creatively. I’ve made marginal progress on the editing of my continuously talked about but even more continuously not described novel. I’ve made a fair amount of headway into the final edit of the story, but not enough for me to start the true final preparation of turning it into a proper story to read. I will admit to many days of zero progress, and even more days of negative progress but I’ve learned a lot about the direction of my story over the past twenty or so days.

While in my previous drafts I wouldn’t look back on a single word of my novel, in fear of getting got in a self-destructive cycle of rewriting and rewriting with little progress forward. This time I have scoured the text I’ve written and worked to improve it. From grammar, dialogue, flavor and even simply how appealing a paragraph looks. The chapters I have completed I feel very confident about, and I’m looking forward to compiling and perfecting the rest of the story.

In the meantime, though, even my most idle days have been somewhat productive. My continuous attempts to learn guitar have continued, with marginal success but I do love music and the attempts always bring me a certain sense of joy. I’ve also been doing a bit of drawing. Coloring pictures isn’t my favorite nor my strong point but I did complete my first piece of art for the year;



A Night Battle


Yeah, light and shadow isn’t my strong suit. At all. But I’ve come out the other side much more confident with both ability and excited to continue my trials in expanding this skillset of mine.

I’ve also spent a lot of time determining what my next project will be. The November Series completion has left me with little outside my novel to work on and I’ve been pondering over a few ideas and I think I’ve finally settled on one (or two…). This time I will not be releasing a series of short stories as before but a complete singular story. I’m excited to dive into that tale soon, but I plan to put it more on the back burner compared to my final editing process of my book.

It’ll no doubt be a story in the same universe as the November Series but not at all in the same theme as the previous stories. I’ll give away more details soon, but for now – that’s been my January.

What has everyone been working on?

Editing books, writing books? Drawing, playing music, what has been up? Let’s keep 2k18 in our control, let’s make something. I would love to hear what everyone has been working on!

‘Til next time


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New Years, of Anxiety & Desperation



The New Year is typically a promise of hope for many people across the world. We take it as the opportunity to better ourselves thanks to a fresh start. A slate wiped clean and a new year to try and do things better, more effectively – to be closer to who we truly wish to be.

The problem being is that it is not a fresh start.

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Away For the Holidays!

I’m going on another little journey, this time to California! I’ll be gone for about a week but then on my return, I’ll start into not just editing my novel with a heavy hand but as well as starting into the next story in the Radio Silent collection.

November was the first step and while it was a rocky road I hope everyone enjoyed it! I may, at a later date, even expand November but for now, I have better pastures to lay into.

A lot of things are coming, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us. Keep your writing hands warm and stretched out everyone, 2k18 is going to be a good year for writing! Well, it is if we make it one.

See you all in January!


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